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Allegro High-Speed Train Overview

The Allegro train is a bullet train running on the St. Petersburg to Helsinki route. This high-speed train connects the capital of Finland with the northern Russian metropolis in a short travel time of 3 and a half hours. The Allegro express train is one of the most favored options among travelers as it offers modern amenities, numerous daily departures and the unquestionable advantage of passing the customs check procedure directly on the go which saves a lot of time.


Quick facts about the Allegro train

  • Train length‎: 184 m 80 cm (606 ft 4 in)
  • Car length‎: 27 m (89 ft)
  • Width‎: 3 m (10 ft)
  • Electric system(s)‎: 25 kV 50 Hz AC‎
  • Train manufacturer: Alstom
  • Entered service: in 2010
  • Operators: Russian Railways (RZD) and VR Group
  • Number in service: 4

How fast is Allegro?

The train carries the name of a musical term meaning a very quick tempo, this easily explains the fact that the maximum Allegro speed is 220 kilometers per hour (140 miles per hour).


What is the Allegro station in St. Petersburg?

The Allegro train station in St. Petersburg is the Finlyandsky Station located in the center of town. It can be quickly reached from any part of the city by metro: the red metro line's Ploschad Lenina station has a direct exit right in the Finlyandsky Station building. The train station is equipped with ATMs, cafes, shops, cash desks where you can purchase Allegro tickets and other train passes, as well as waiting areas, bathrooms, and luggage safes. Keep in mind that before boarding the train, there is a security check procedure, similar to that in the airports.


What is the Allegro station in Helsinki?

In the capital of Finland, the train departs from and arrives at the Helsinki Central Railway Station set in the heart of town. It's very easy to get there using public transport as numerous buses and trams stop there, plus the Rautatientorin metroasema subway station is situated nearby as well. The Helsinki Allegro train station itself is modern and offers ticket offices, vending machines and a waiting hall.


Travel classes onboard Allegro

There are several coach classes to choose from when buying Allegro tickets. The train has two travel classes, First and Second, sometimes referred to as Business and Economy. Seats in First Class cars are arranged two by one, they're more spacious, leather, and have reading lights, footrests, folding tables and power sockets. Second class cars are very similar but have textile seats arranged two by two.

Allegro Seating Plan

Allegro seating plan


Allegro onboard services

For the convenience of travelers snacks and drinks are sold in the train's bistro car. There's a play area for children placed in the 7th carriage. Allegro trains offer plenty of space for luggage, and have bathrooms in every car. What is more, the train staff can speak three languages, including Finnish, English, and Russian. Also, Allegro WiFi is available free of charge. Perhaps the biggest time-saving perk is that border customs control and passport check is done by officers during the journey. Note: this Helsinki to St. Petersburg train is not visa-free, and a visa will be needed when you cross the border.


Allegro train stops and timetable

The train ride from start to finish takes an average 3.5 hours. The train Allegro departs from either Helsinki or St. Petersburg and makes short stops en route. The following destinations are Vyborg, Vainikkala, Kouvola, Lahti, Tikkurila. The longest stop time is seven minutes, the shortest is only 1 minute. The Allegro train schedule is very flexible, there are about 4 daily departures in each of the routes. Learn more about the routes: Allegro train Helsinki to St. Petersburg and, vice versa, St. Petersburg to Helsinki.


Allegro ticket prices

The price per ticket of an Allegro train depends on the chosen coach class as well as on the departure time and day of the week. As a rule, the prices start from approximately 85 USD. Of course, last-minute ticket purchases may turn out to be more costly than those bought in advance.

Helsinki - Kouvola
124 kilometers
1 hrs 25 min
1 train per route
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