Popular Russian Trains

The biggest country on the planet, Russia, boasts one of the broadest and largest rail networks in the world and connects even the most distant parts of Russia with larger cities. The overall length of the Russian railways is more than 85 thousand kilometers (approximately 53 thousand miles). Most passenger trains aren't privately owned and are run by the state company Russian Railways. Different types of Russian trains run from one city to another, depending on the route, below you can learn more about the most popular Russian trains.


Sapsan High-Speed Train

If you'd like to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg, the number one choice is the most popular bullet train Sapsan.

Alstom High-Speed Train

The high-speed Alstom train connects the capital of Finland, Helsinki, with Russia's St. Petersburg in only 3.5 hours.

Desiro High-Speed Train

Among the most efficient ways to travel in Russia is on Desiro bullet trains, running on many routes in Russia.

Red Arrow Overnight Train

One of the most high-comfort luxury trains from St. Petersburg to Moscow with over 100 years of history, Krasnaya Strela or Red Arrow.

Grand Express Luxury Train

A well-known private luxury train from Moscow to St. Petersburg with a top-notch onboard restaurant and fancy cabins.